Long-term partnership to be continued on a higher level

System Brunner (Locarno, Switzerland) and Reprointelligence (Untermeitingen, Germany) have been working together successfully for years in the field of professional color management in the pressroom and state-of-the-art color control systems for industrial presses. This cooperation is now being further strengthened.

With joint forces, we will explore markets beyond offset printing and provide new services and products addressing today’s and future needs of the printing industry, our customers, and partners.

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System Brunner appoints Daniel Pfeiffer as new Managing Director

By Daniel Würgler, Managing Owner, System Brunner AG

Locarno, Switzerland, October 2021 – Handing over the baton at System Brunner: Daniel Pfeiffer is the company’s new managing director.

Daniel Würgler, former CEO and majority shareholder will be focusing on his role on the Administrative Board while continuing to support the new operational management with his extensive expertise.

System Brunner and Daniel Pfeiffer (Reprointelligence e.K.) have been working together on projects for many years, a cooperation that has intensified over the years. When Daniel Würgler suddenly became gravely ill with COVID-19 at the end of 2020 and was forced to spend more than 20 weeks in hospital and rehabilitation, Daniel Pfeiffer spontaneously took on the interim operational management, settling in very quickly and earning the trust of partners and customers alike.

Highly skilled in printing process optimization, standardization, and color management, and with a passion for merging this knowledge with System Brunner’s extensive expertise and unique software solutions for the benefit of end-customers and partners, Daniel Pfeiffer is best placed for this new, forward-looking role.

Daniel Pfeiffer comments:

«System Brunner has been spearheading technologies for standardization, control, and precise color reproduction in print for nearly 40 years.

Our expert knowledge and internal R&D regularly produce breakthroughs that place us decades ahead of our competitors. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous color matching, and eco-friendly production processes have been defining our business for years.

In sync with industrial users and practical applications, we will continue to drive solutions meeting the industry’s needs at any given time.

Backed by the current management and fully equipped for the challenges that lie ahead, I feel honored and proud to help drive the company forward into the future».


The strengthened partnership between System Brunner and Reprointelligence will not affect Reprointelligence’s autonomous market activities. Reprointelligence will remain an independent company and continue to offer its specialized services and information to both OEM partners and selected end customers.

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