Privacy Statement / GDPR Compliance

Data Protection and EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

We take data protection seriously. We do not collect or evaluate individual visitors’ data on this web presence. Your personal data is not part of our business; therefore, we simply do not collect it. 

All data transmitted by the user of these pages will not be passed on to third parties or used for other purposes. Data that may be entered on these pages as part of a customer or editor login will be stored via a cookie to recognize a user for repeated logins by entering the log-on data. At this point in time, we do not offer services that require a visitor login.

We do not use Google Services, Google fonts, or any other third-party services on our website. All data purely comes from our own server, and we constantly do our best to provide our visitors with a pure informational experience. Reprointelligence can only be held responsible for the data we work with on this web presence. Any other party involved, like internet service providers, DNS services, or VPN used by the visitor, is out of our scope.

How we process data outside of the web-sphere:

Reprointelligence e.K. has a 100% transparent system for handling direct and indirect personal data. We exceed the requirements of the GDPR by storing only an absolute minimum of personal data, as far as the legislator requires us to keep and preserve evidence. We never pass on or publish personal or business information to third parties unless the customer wishes to pass it on for a specific purpose.

All data our clients provide will only be used to fulfill the contract and will not be disclosed to third parties. Data is stored only within the order fulfillment scope and the legal retention periods. This regards invoices and non-erasable data such as information transmitted to us by bank transfer or PayPal payments from the payment service provider.


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