Ensuring Brand Identity across the Print Production Chain

Communicating Quality for Identity critical Print Media

Good manufacturing practice and a high level of production standardization is crucial for brand reputation. 

GMPrint® is our spezialized consulting service, enabling print buyers and print service providers to communicate precisely color and print quality.

We also provide the necessary support for printers to achieve brand owners’ expectations while maintaining cost-efficient production.


GMPrint® covers:

  • Technical Feasibility Analysis
  • Print Standard Definition
  • Data Printability Checks
  • Definition of Quality Parameters and Metrics
  • Color Training and Education
  • Production Support
  • Print Production Supervision


With decades of print production experience, we know the best practices and potential points of failure. Having us involved at an early stage we help to make your critical print-production go smooth from start to finish.


GMPrint® is a registered trademark of Reprointelligence e.K.