Print Production Performance relies on Stability

PSSO® – Printing System Stabilization and Optimization

The printing process under full control.

PSSO® is our service dedicated to optimizing printing stability and reliability.
Targeting a stable and consistent printing press, we provide the fundamental basis for working color management. As only consistent presses can be calibrated, every digital color management and color control system relies on predictable production machinery.

PSSO® includes all necessary measures and influencing factors for the stabilization process from

  • Consumable selection
  • Press Setup
  • Printing Instruction
  • Color Control and Handheld Measurement Device handling
  • Quality Assurance
  • Press Performance Benchmarking


PSSO® creates the basis for:

  • Functional color management
  • Reduced Calibration Efforts
  • Printing Standardization
  • Performance Optimization
  • Minimal Waste
  • Minimal Energy Consumption
  • Effective Cost Reduction in printing

PSSO® is applicable in an adapted manner to:

  • Offset Presses
  • Flexo Presses
  • Digital Presses

When PSSO® is applied to offset printing machines, as a result, you can expect printing results that are so close to process standards like PSOpen®, GRACoL G7®, and PSO that calibration remains optional.

Minimize your printing costs and experience outstanding press performance!

Note: PSSO® is also available through your printing press manufacturer as part of new press installations or as an after-sales service at any time later.


The following graph shows topics covered by PSSO®

In our consulting program, we dive deeper into your specific production situation to gain maximum printing performance.

PSSO® is a registered trademark of Reprointelligence e.K.